The new model Stoeger 2000 I just purchased is more like a no thrills version of the Franchi I-12 with its inertia drive system/design. Three years ago, the like-chambered M3000 replaced the popular M2000. One relies on recoil the other on the tapped pressure of the propellant gasses. This system is based on a spring placed between the locking head and the bolt. The latest wrinkle is Remington's VersaMax, now superseded by their V3, where the gas ports are located in the chamber. Deals. The beauty of the argument about inertia versus gas is that there is no defined winner or loser. Mallards are masters of avoiding hunting pressure. Historically, I don't think its unjustified to say Stoegers are not as refined as their Benelli counterparts and that dovetails into reliability (more so with older … Stoeger is best known for manufacturing impressive weapons, especially over/under shotguns. This is partly due to the carbon and unburned powder that are blown into the action by the bled propellant gasses. Plus, with no propellant gas venting into the operating system, the Model 2000 stays cleaner. I don't know much about the Mossberg other than the fact that i heard it is reliable and easy to maintain, and someone told me about the Stoeger M2000 and that it has the inertia driven system like the Benelli's. If you’re in the market for a … Before Remington refined and popularized gas operation with their ubiquitous model 1100, semi-auto shotguns basically worked using recoil operation just as they did when they were first invented. Any input on either of the guns would be great. |   Subscriber Services. Inertia systems are very clean in operation. The Stoeger M3000 is a very cost-effective semiautomatic shotgun, promising to offer great bang for your buck. As I understand it: Stoeger the M2000 was a Benelli knock-off BEFORE Benelli bought them. Craig Boddington and Eric Poole take a look at the new modern Franchi Affinity shotgun. Stoeger still haven't made the manual available for public via there homepage and there for I'm doing it to aid anyone owning a Stoeger that needs a copy of the manual. stoeger is the only company allowed to use the inertia recoil system (because they are owned by the same people). Surprisingly absent from both lines, though, was a smaller, 20-ga. counter-part to the ubiquitous 12. You will be sent an opt-in email to confirm that you would like to receive emails from us. Too, the inertia action is very simple with few moving parts, or as one friend once said, "There's nothing in there," and maintenance is quick and easy. As far as 3 1/2″ semi automatic, inertia driven shotguns go, it’s extremely inexpensive at less than half the cost of others. Further, they generate considerably more felt recoil, which is especially noticeable when you’re shooting high-volume magnum waterfowl loads. The Stoeger Model 2000 is a semi-automatic shotgun chambered in 12 gauge. ©2021 Outdoor Sportsman Group. Franchi 12-Gauge Affinity Semiauto Shotgun. Here’s how bass tournaments can do better, Recipe & video: Roasted blueberry-pepper elk tenderloin with sweet and spicy sauce, Recipe & video: Scrumptious duck schnitzel with a hearty potato sauce. Jim Orth needed'a simple blind for hunting Lake St. Clair. You will be sent an opt-in email to confirm that you would like to receive emails from us. By signing up for our newsletter, you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Here's what you need... Knowing how to plant spring crops pays off big on opening day. I've been looking at the Mossberg 930/935 and the Stoeger M2000. Hidden by age and the steam roller of Browning's invention was the Normal shotgun, launched in the same year 1903, that operated on an inertia system developed by the Danish gunsmith Christer SjÖrgren. The Stoeger Model 2000 shotgun uses a fixed-barrel, inertia recoil operated system. Beretta all day long over a Stoeger. Gas operated shotguns have been more or less the standard for semi-autos for about the last 50 years or so. Gas vs. Inertia: Which Shotgun is Best for You? Each style of operating system has its pros and cons. Gas ports, regardless of their orientation all involve a piston linked to some kind of bar/s that forcefully travels rearward under the pressure of the gas. One relies on recoil the other on the tapped pressure of the propellant gasses. Its action… Features a patented inertia bolt assembly with a rotating locking head; Ensures a positive steel-to-steel lock-up; Provides the Stoeger M3000 and M3500 semi-autos ultimate strength and reliability Description: M2000 Bolt Rehab Kit. Make summertime barbecues super easy by grilling up one of these duck recipes from Scott... Are you asking enough of your retriever? Huntnokie SHF New Member . The Prairie Potholes Region is alive with waterfowl and a perfect place to test a new shotgun. In the beginning, 1903 to be exact, John Moses Browning's Auto-5 operated on a long-recoil system. The Garand operated by bleeding off a small amount of the propellant gasses that then impinged on a long rod that drove the breechbolt to the rear ejecting the fired cartridge and on the rebound loading a fresh round. An hour devoted to nothing but. Ice-trolling is the ultimate way to target winter trout. So inertia operated guns like the Benelli, Franchi I-12 and Stoeger 2000 shoot very, very clean. The major advantages to inertia guns is that they run cleaner than gas guns and they’re mechanically simpler by virtue of having fewer moving parts (there are no gas pistons or O-rings). With an inertia- or recoil-operated shotgun, the breech bolt is held in in the chamber by a spring. Follow us on social media and keep up-to-date with Canada's fishing and hunting authority. A staffing recruiter and outfitter... Drowning and hypothermia are the two deadliest killers of waterfowlers. 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Gas-operated systems have gained a wide following because in the time taken up as the various parts work, the recoil is also spread over that period, softening felt recoil. Gas Masks & Accessories. All Rights Reserved. Inertia-system manufacturers have added collapsing stocks, high tech recoil reducers such as in the Benelli Ethos, soft combs, high-tech recoil pads and other standard and optional features in order to tame the forces of recoil. Recipe & video: Scrumptious smoked-steelhead pizza—from scratch! While the primary function of a … They are also shooting $1200 Benelli shotguns. The inertia action doesn’t rely on carbon carrying gas to operate. Today, in 2015, Franchi, Weatherby and Browning have all adopted this system as well. Posts: 38 Stoeger M2000 Apr 22, 2005 19:11:45 GMT -5 . The biggest advantage the M3000 has is its Inertia Driven System, instead of relying on a gas-operated system, which can cause fouling and adds unnecessary weight. Today’s popular inertia-driven shotguns include Benelli’s SBE, Franchi’s Affinity, Browning’s A5, Weatherby’s Elements and Stoeger’s M3500 series (pictured below). It also got redesigned to effectively capture spring washers. To get started, click the link below to visit and learn how to access your digital magazine. The Stoeger Model 2000 fires everything from 1-1/8 ounce field and target loads to the heaviest 3” waterfowl loads without adjustments. That’s not an attack against them; the opposite – it’s a serious praise at this Stoeger’s quality. STOEGER M2000 12GA SEMI-AUTO SHOTGUN BLACK SYNTHETICᅠ COMBO BARRELS: 26" & 18.5" INCLUDED Inside the Stoeger Model 2000 semi-auto shotgun is the Inertia Driven operating system. Over half a century later Benelli adopted this system to their very successful line of semi autos. This bolt parts kit contains factory OEM replacement parts for several common wear bolt assembly components. A new shell from the magazine is then picked up on the spring’s return. On the negative side, it's inescapable that gas-operated semi autos must be cleaned much more frequently to be reliable. It also comes very well featured, with 4 chokes, a shim kit to adjust the stock, Weaver scope base, a fiber optic sight, and a recoil reducer you can install in the stock. Hidden by age and the steam roller of Browning's invention was the Normal shotgun, launched in the same year … Today's competing operating systems for semi-automatic shotguns are inertia and gas. Closeouts; Forum/Articles. In his professional career, Ken spent more than 30 years conserving wildlife, fish and their habitats across Canada. Inertia System. At the time of posting this photo copy of the Stoeger M2000 manual it has been more than 5 years since the manual was written. The Stoeger Model 3000 shotgun uses a fixed-barrel, inertia recoil operated system. t-roy 2004 SHF spring turkey contest winner. The Stoeger M3500 is a semi automatic, tube magazine, inertia-action shotgun made in Turkey. It seems almost impossible - 653 clays broken in 3,600 seconds. Enter Outdoor Canada’s 10th annual photo contest. Gas operation came about as a result of World War Two. The V3 has eight ports that are brought into play by the length of the shell: A 3 ½-inch magnum uses only one port, a 3-inch several more and a 2 ¾-inch load uses all eight. Some of the wood on the Stoeger 2000's I've … The conclusion is that both systems are reliable, and perhaps the decision of one over the other depends on how it feels to you and me, how it swings and most important how well we shoot it. Just remember, though, that you’ll always shoot better with a shotgun that fits you well and feels good in your hands. What’s the best auto-loading shotgun: inertia or gas? John2Fast11, Dec 5, 2008. when i get the cash, i'm getting this gun. It uses inertia, which is clean. On the other hand, inertia guns can have problems cycling light loads. All Wildfowl subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. Today's competing operating systems for semi-automatic shotguns are inertia and gas. This a great waterfowl and Turkey gun.Stoeger M 2000 semiautomatic 12ga shotgun in Realtree camo pattern.This gun has a 28" barrel and can fire up to 3" shells. This system is based on a spring placed between the locking head and the bolt. Others, meanwhile, find the weight-forward nature of gas guns helps them achieve a much steadier follow-through, resulting in improved accuracy. They kick more, but they do it cleanly. There may be delays in shipping as USPS and other carriers experience extraordinarily high holiday volume and temporary employee shortages due to the COVID-19 surge. Since 1950, Numrich Gun Parts Corp. has been America's choice for parts. Stoeger uses the Benelli Inertia driven semi auto action.Included are 6 chokes: a Carlson .665 Turkey choke; a Hevi-shot mid range waterfowl choke for steel shot; Stoeger's full, Improved and Skeet cylinder chokes as BENELLI USA (301) 283-6981 WWW.BENELLIUSA.COM Joe Muzynoski of Weston, Wis., always loved hunting geese, but he didn't see many near home.... Give a Gift   You also agree to receive email updates on new posts and offers.