Though in the same sense, we do have the ear of those that do. Any chance you'd post a pic of you sitting in it like you're reading? There is no set screw! I called Delta they were so helpful. Do i need an access panel to a roman tub, it is not a whirlpool tub. We are the same height and it'd be OH SO HELPFUL since I can't test it out. Basically remove the faucet and handles and put the new ones on? i.e not at all related to how the spout is attached to the tub/pipe. Concerning the toilet, my family decided several years ago not to invest in a toilet that was very expensive. Article 430.14(A) states that, "motors shall be located so that adequate ventilation is provided and so that maintenance …. The tub area backs up to a fiberglass shower surround, so there is way to access the pipes from the wall either. part 1 Swap out an old faucet to give your kitchen a new look — it's a DIY project even a beginner can do, Warm metals, a claw-foot tub, repurposed outdoor faucets and a special sink base contribute to this stellar renovation, See what to mix with this trendy alloy, how to keep it from showing water spots and more, No need to cringe. Changing out your Roman tub faucet is much simpler than you think, even without an access panel. Not because the toilet didn't live up to its cost, but toilets-as far as I know-are still very breakable, and we had an accident in the bath where a item hit the toilet and cracked it. I like this shaped tub SO MUCH and the price is good. Any suggestions on how to remove panel without breaking the cultured marble? If you can’t find a way to turn the water valves off, it’s still possible to replace your Roman tub faucet by shutting off the main water line. If not you will need to go under house in crawl space or basement and see if you have access to the faucets from there. I feel the current finish appears dull and shows prints and spotting more than ever before. Lay a bead of plumber’s putty around the tub faucet plate, then push the faucet into position against the wall. Trying to avoid that and just replace handles and faucet trim. Cultured marble starts crazing and looking pretty bad as it ages. Pls help - see images - we are re-doing our bathroom and do not know the current brand of our fixtures. I just bought a house with a jacuzzi drop in bathtub. It's cracked, and discolored. Some (most) are quite narrow and have high sides, making me realize it's a good thing that I work out and have strong arm muscles to help lift my body out of the tub. Please see image below. I want to change the handles and faucet on the roman tub. NEC DEFINITIONS; Readily Accessible Capable of being reached quickly for operation, renewal or inspection without requiring those concerned to use a tool, to climb over, remove obstacle or other. Pull the trim ring away from the tub deck. Obviously a wetroom style bathroom gives a multitude of options. Now my tile needs to be ripped out and replaced in order to replace the trim (which needs to be replaced badly since the bath spouts are plastic and the crome is peeling off of it). Convert garden to freestanding? 680.73 Accessibility. The house was built in 2000, did Delta have a different valve for their shower systems back then??? NEC 110.3(B) All electrical equipment shall be installed and used in accordance with the listing requirements and manufacturer’s instructions. I'm currently remodeling my bathroom. However, when my contractor went to replace it with another Delta trim, it would not fit the existing valve that was there. All bathtub faucets fasten in place with lock nuts located on the other side of the tub. You don’t even have to change any valves or mess around with any plumbing pipes. So if you would like to pass along ways to improve the product, vent or give any constructive criticism... we will pass it along for you. If you place the tub along a wall, how much space do you have for the tub? Step 3 Follow the steps below to create an access panel if making the supply line repair requires access under the faucet and you do not have it. Our plumbing supply place tells us that there are no soaking tubs in our size with removable skirts. RuB a Dub Tub..I gotta get a FREE STANDING TUB. It's an easier job to replace it during a redo than as a reaction after it starts to have problems. Delta will let you know if you can change the faucets yourself. For instance, if it is a kohler roman tub filler faucet with polished brass spout, escutcheons and handles the faucet can be serviced with new stems or cartridges and new trim with a different finish. Tried to get cartridge out of sink faucet as it looks to be same brand (see pic) but have not been able to yet. The panel is one piece the length of tub and about 12 inches high. Water was leaking from faucet as well as cold water handle. Would like to DIY. I would like to match the tub to the sink faucets but not looking to do major work on tub. I have a Delta classic roman tub faucet/handles on my tub, is it true that I can purchase another Delta roman tub faucet/handles (thinking of the windmere) and change it without having to replace the internal plumbing, etc. That's one thing about the tile, and that it will last-as you can see-barring any real abuse. Would like to DIY. Confusion regarding Delta Shower Faucet Valve and Trim Kits? Should you prefer to do it less public our email is below. The upper section or lip of the tub is wide in about 2 inches high, caulked and fitted underneath the marble tile . I'll call Delta customer service to confirm if new trim pieces will fit. Yes, look for and access panel to get to the faucets. The only possible acces to it would be right at the front about 4ft. Can you tell me why? Do you dislike the tile, or just the color of it? Hi there, We have a 20 year old Roman tub faucet on our Jacuzzi. But how old is the valve? I don't know what they have changed, but something has changed. Loosen the screw located on the back of the spout's base with a hex key. If you looked while you were there, I'm sure you saw that for yourself. Many brands, like the Moen Roman tub faucet, will follow a similar removal procedure. How do you reccomend I gain access? So, we couldn't afford to replace the "fancier" toilet-this was when they came out with the "longer" ones. If what you really want is the tub, you should have the repairs done, and it definitely would be wise to let a pro handle that. Read This Pro Advice First, Convert Your Tub Space to a Shower — the Fixtures-Shopping Phase, A Crash Course in Bathroom Faucet Finishes. 314.29 Boxes, Conduit Bodies, and Handhole Enclosures to Be Accessible. You don't necessarily have to gain access to the valve to do that. Understandably, you and your husband want to make the space as nice as you can, since this is more than likely an investment for the long haul(at least, for somebody, if you do sell it at some point)and that includes a nice toilet. I have a delta delex and im having the same issue. The tub/faucet was put in when we built our house in 2001. I was a bit surprised (and greatly annoyed) that it did not fit since both are Delta systems. If the valve is really old, new trim pieces may not fit. You'll need to create an access to replace the tub unit. Trouble is, I have no access to back of shower due to another bathroom located directly behind this one. If you are replacing them, why do you need to know their brand? Where the hydromassage bathtub is cord-and plug-connected with the supply receptacle accessible only through an access opening, the receptacle must face toward the opening and be within 1 ft of the opening. Moving master bath tub? 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Remove the set screw that secures the old faucet spout assembly to the tub with an Allen wrench. We love Delta and our client's use it a lot, but honestly it seems in the last several years the stainless/brushed finish really spots. Anyhow, you cant replace the faucet without access underneath, it is tightened to the tub via a retaining nut underneath which you cant loosen from above. I have a delta system in my bathroom (was there when I moved in) as it has Delta stamped on the trim itself and I read that any Delta trim kit can be used to replace another since the valves are universal. Regarding length, if you plan to use the tub and not just admire it, then you don't want one that is too long, or too short for comfort. Use a wrench to turn the nuts that sit just below the handles counterclockwise until they back off the faucet assembly. I'm changing sink faucets and would like have the tub match as well. If your bathtub faucet is old or broken, you can easily replace it with a new one all by yourself. Pros: More openness, not having to bend as low. FOR CLAUSTROPHOBIC'S WITHOUT A WALK-IN TUB: Those with a standard style bathtub: prefer seats that allow them to sit above the edge. is strictly for the exchange of plumbing related advice and NOT to ask about pricing/costs, nor where to find a product (try Google), nor how to operate or promote a business, nor for ethics (law) and the like questions. I did have two plumbers tell me they would need to remove the tiles around the tub (to gain access to change the faucet, there is no access panel). I used Rust-oleum Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint to update the faucet. TRENDING ACCESSIBILITY http;// So, I realize that's not a problem for everyone, but we decided that the plain, utilitarian toilet that was good quality-but not very expensive-would be what we bought in the future. Thanks @Ondre'a! has no control over external content that may be linked to from messages posted here. Or, you can gain access from the ceiling below. I assume that you want to move that bar, but if you are painting, you would only be damaging the tiles that the bar is attached to, and you could buy some really inexpensive tile to replace them, since they will be painted anyway. My plumbing sales specialist, Katy McBride at Moore Supply here in Austin, has found a freestanding tub for me that is wider than most, just the right length, and is just 20" high, not the more usual 24" height. Can whirlpool tub be converted to regular tub? Anything of that vintage should be replaced lock, stock, and barrel. Yes, you can replace the trim. Someone told me it is not possible to change just the trim, handles and faucet. I have a old Delta faucet (it was installed in 1991) for a Roman/garden tub which I'm trying to remove, which looks almost identical to the one that was the subject of this other thread on this forum (I tried to include a link to that thread but the system won't let me; the title of the post was "How do I remove this roman tub spout"). If there is a wall that the faucet is next to, you can possibly cut a hole in the drywall from the other side of the wall to gain access. How to Replace a Delta Roman Tub Faucet Close the main water valve in the house to cut off the flow of water to the faucet. Tub included. It is a Moen and we are wondering if anyone out there has replaced the visible portion (trim kit) of one similar. If you still want tile, this might save you some money, as it also would take less time-and be a whole lot less messy-than tearing tile out, having to clean it up, and then installing the wallboard and a whole new set of tiles. The worst that could happen is that the previous installer did not leave an access panel. Walk-in Accessible Tubs > Functionable or A Passing Trend. What sink for rose gold faucet with black cabinets.... Diverter and Valve Trim Placement in Shower. Without it, the only way to fix the plumbing is to cut a hole in the wall. can be readily accomplished." The reason this is critical is that our garden/whirlpool tub has no access panel and I want to replace those fixtures as well. Lift the spout away from the tub deck. Tiled in shower to tub conversion. Thanks! I, too, was going to point out that it's possible to have it painted, and for less money. Capable of being removed or exposed without damaging the building structure or finish or not permanently closed in by the structure or finish of the building. Accessible (as applied to wiring methods). I am trying to remove/replace a roman tub faucet, but I cannot figure out how to remove the (7 year old, builder original) spout. Customer service isnt available right now. The first step to replacing a garden tub faucet is to remove the existing faucet. Here are just a few violations that you would not get by with on anything else in the house. So, you'll be replacing it several times if you stay in the house for a long time. Thinking as I get older it'll be easier to get in/out of. I am trying to replace the entire valve and am unable to separate the fiberglass side panel to access the valve. I shut off the main water supply and figured out that I need to replace the cartridge—but I’m worried about whether water may have leaked into the space underneath the mount/tub. It doesnt have any jets, just a soaking tub. Opt for a free standing seat that can be moved around or a small foldup seat and a grab bar both wall-mounted for stability and open flexibilty. The problem i have run into is that i already durocked the tub surround and taped/thinset the joints. The process is the same whether you have a single handle faucet or one with multiple controls. While some inspectors will let you get away with caulking, but not grout, it still doesn't pass minimum plumbing or electrical codes. Looks like porcelain to me not marble. Need help identifying brand of faucet . Electrical equipment for hydromassage bathtubs must be capable of being removed or exposed without damaging the building structure or finish. Where did you get the faucet? If you don't have an access panel behind the tub and shower when problems arise, you'll wish you did. A Roman tub faucet has handles that are attached to the deck of the tub instead of the wall or bath itself. Loosen and remove the nut securing the spout diverter to the tub with a … How do i know which trim kits i can buy? I did have two plumbers tell me they would need to remove the tiles around the tub (to gain access to change the faucet, there is no access panel). Have not installed Kohler lately so not sure how they are holding up these days. Best customer service! After that, turn on the tub faucet to drain out all the remaining water. The tub surround didnt have an access panel prior to me remodeling the bathroom. Is there any other way (adapter, etc) to get a handshower on a 3-hole roman tub faucet? I determined the length I wanted by measuring the bottom of the tub I'm used to using. In your mobile home, go into the room or closet directly behind the bathtub and look for a panel on the wall. FULLY CLOTHED DUH! The disconnecting means shall be readily accessible. I had another one tell me I can just change the trim as long as I use the same brand. Thread the mounting nuts onto the faucet tailpieces, and make sure the faucet is level before tightening it down all the way. Don’t be afraid to approach it! I … The rest of the tub is surrounded by tiled walls. Connect the water to the new tub faucet. The only way to reach these nuts — and the water lines leading to the faucet — is through an access panel, assuming one exists. We were wandering around the PVC tube section at Home Depot and found knock out test caps like these: They fit over our whirlpool jet openings...we managed to take the heads off the openings and unscrew the intake cover. We're getting ready to remodel our master bath so I've been in and out of a lot of freestanding tubs recently. Answered by superengine: I just had bathroom tub valve replacement from Simply Green Plumbing from Los Gatos, total was about $885, I asked for the break-down charges, but they didn't give me, it was very pricy and overpriced! These faucets come in a range of handle settings, which include a single, double, or even triple handle design. I'd replace both. For the price, if it wasn't made of a stronger material that could take a pretty good whack from something, I'd give it some thought before I bought it. Regarding your mother being claustrophobic... perhaps you'd be surprised to know that many seniors have the same fears as her. Or are you just replacing the handles? My son, my mom, and I went to Lowes the other day to get a kit to fix some lamps, and while we were there we did some "wish" shopping, and they have some nice vanities, with granite tops, for much less than your estimate. Prepare the new tub faucet. Thank you. As for the acrylic tub surround, my mother put one in, and its outlived its day. I like the finishes on Hansgrohe but they have gone almost totally contemporary so they don't work for most of our clients. Replacing the plumbing below the surface is not an option. I would like to match the tub to the sink faucets but not looking to do major work on tub. The reason this is critical is that our garden/whirlpool tub has no access panel and I want to replace those fixtures as well. I have no trap door. There is no access panel as the shower is in the rear and the faucet is in the corner. We suggest a shower panel door as depicted below to give a more spacious look to the bathroom / showering area. If the wall is tiled, and you have a plumber, you'll be paying him to make a big mess in the bathroom. The drywall access panel on the left only allows access to the whirlpool motor, but the faucet is clear over on the right so we have no access to it. 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If the proper faucet for this type of installation was installed originally the faucet can be serviced and the trim can be upgraded from above the finished surface. -PirateFoxy- We never have heard of the experience you encountered with a drain failure. The plastic up tube split and i … read more They have the same design as Roman tub faucets, and you can only install one on a tub that has a flat deck on one side or end with faucet … I need to remove the cultured marble side panel to access the plumbing valve. Cons: Still have to climb in/out of tub; Loss in the bathing/soaking experience Those with a standard shower: prefer to swap out a door for a curtain. If you did decide to keep the tile you could just remove the tile from the bottom where you want to install the tub, have the space prepared for the tub, paint the remaining tiles, and then install the tub. It also has an arched spout. 430.107 Readily Accessible. Here’s how to decide if you should keep yours or pull the plug, Learn the pros and cons of 9 popular faucet finishes, Greater Montreal's Custom Interior & Exterior Renovation Experts, Bungalow Bathroom Gains New Accessibility, Kitchen of the Week: Good Looking and Accessible to All, See a Soothing Backyard Bathhouse Born From a Salvaged Tub, Convert Your Tub Space to a Shower — the Planning Phase, Dreaming of a Spa Tub at Home? If no water is entering the tub, repair your plumbing supply line problem as you would any faucet in your home.