It is also available at different price points to suit any budget. In general, apart from a challenging and expensive installation process, most standard-size double basins don’t provide as much space for washing as 30” or wider single sinks. You can also put a drainboard beside the sink to make the most out of your free corner space. China, Fireclay, … By Andréana Lefton and Bob Vila. are nearly impossible in regular-size 50/50 sinks. You can also choose between a smooth or hammered finish and a range of patinas. A 60/40 sink, also known as offset sink or double sink, is essentially a small (generally 14 inches wide) and a larger (usually about 18 inches wide) rolled into one unit. Aesthetics have never been its strong suit. 7 Types of Kitchen Sink Materials Choosing the right installation style for your kitchen sink depends on what’s important to you in its day-to-day use and maintenance. The most common type of kitchen sink, the top-mount or drop-in, installs from above. The best kinds of sinks for this situation are a large single basin sink, a farmhouse sink, and a double basin sink. Let it sit for a few minutes and then rinse it off with a rag, cloth or paper towel. Lots of trends come and go but only a few manage to remain in vogue throughout decades, vintage copper sinks being one of them. I have already spoken in detail about different split ratios in the previous segment, do check that out if you skipped in by any chance. Below we have listed and briefly explained 10 most popular and reliable kitchen sink materials the market has to offer: The smaller the gauge, the thicker the steel is- that’s the first lesson to learn by heart if you have already made up your mind about getting a stainless steel sink. Adding a small single basin at the center or corner of the island can take the functionality of the open space to a whole new level of awesomeness. The only two negatives of overmount sinks are that: one, it eats up a big chunk of space of your worktop. Farmhouse sinks have a deep basin perfect for … I can easily fit my huge and hefty pots, grimy baking trays, crock pots, tall pitchers on the larger side and rinse the veggies, meats, and stuff on the smaller side. While stainless steel is usually quite resistant to high heat, chipping, denting, and abrasion, it can develop fine scratches from the knives and sharp edges of certain utensils. Now that you understand a bit more about kitchen sinks and the materials that they are made of, you can go to your local home improvement store feeling like a professional. Fitting large pots and tall pitchers in them for soaking or filling with water is also not that easy-peasy. They typically come as fireclay or cast iron and are incredibly durable and easy to clean because of their nonporous material. No two sinks are the same and customizing the width and depth precisely to your countertop’s size would require expert craftsmanship which would naturally drive up the cost of the material. If you are dreaming of getting a sleek undermount or farmhouse sink, you should consider the size of your cabinet as well. Read our complete guide about the best fireclay farmhouse sink. For a tough, sturdy sink, aim for 16 to 18 gauge (the measure of thickness) steel. Get free, no-commitment project estimates from pros near you. Since the rim of the sink doesn't hold the bowl in place here, you’ll need to reinforce the cabinet and countertop to create a suitable supporting structure for the sink. Copper tends to develop a blue-green hue as the time passes. Undermount sinks dish out a sleek, chic, and fluid appearance by virtually blending into your countertop. With the advent of advanced technology, it’s absolutely possible to level up your customization game even higher. So if space is at a premium in your kitchen, you should let go of the idea of installing a drainboard. If hygiene and low maintenance are at the top of your priority list, there’s a copper sink waiting for you in some distant warehouse of an e-commerce giant. As an inevitable downside, built-in drainboards gobble up a lot of countertop space. This will save you space. Your kitchen sink material will affect the way you use your sink. It also allows you the luxury of washing your crockeries and cooking equipment using two different methods: one sink for soap washing and another for plain water rinsing. You can use it as a secondary sink for prepping food or storing clean and dried dishes while your main sink remains reserved for heavy-duty cleaning. Be wary of selecting the least expensive option in this category: Costlier versions contain better-quality acrylic resins retain their glossy finish and white tone despite daily use, while cheaper solid surface sinks may contain a calcium powder filler and appear dingy and yellowed within a year. Kitchen islands are the latest fad among homeowners as they not only look chic but also do double duty as a cool dining space. Choose the best kitchen sink material based on the pros and cons of each option. Other Types of Kitchen Sinks. Prices start at $155 for acrylic-based solid surface sinks. It uses the base structure of your counter top to get support. Keeping your stainless steel sink surface looking sparkling clean, shiny and scratch-free is no rocket science. Stainless steel is the overall best kitchen sink material as far as durability and cost are concerned. So if you are ready to go the extra mile to make your worktop look jaw-droppingly beautiful and easy to clean, I can’t recommend undermount sink highly enough. Solid surface sinks have recently gained a huge popularity due to its low cost, low maintenance, aesthetically-pleasing designs, and durability. Are you working on a Kitchen remodel but cannot decide what sink type of sink you should use? Fireclay is most common in white and off-white shades, though dramatic black and blue fireclay are available. If replacing a kitchen sink, you’ll think about style, size, and—perhaps most importantly—material. Second issue is minor but still worth pointing out. Amazon, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. Due to the small size and depth, washing big utensils or filling tall pots won’t be possible with bar sinks. The rule of thumb to understand what each variant has to offer, whether it fits your budget and most importantly, whether your chosen one’s pros outweigh its cons. Glass, solid granite, and marble are just a few of the more exotic materials being used to make kitchen sinks. You will have to reinforce the cabinet to secure the sink in place which will increase installation complexity and cost. Since there is no overlapping lip on the edge of the countertop, the sink edges don’t accumulate stubborn gunk like overmount sinks. Double Basin (60/40, 50/50, 70/30 Sinks with/without Low Dividers). Some composite kitchen sinks have a smooth surface while others have a slightly rougher texture. As you have already guessed from the title, a corner sink is basically any kind of sink located at one corner of your countertop. Ans. Some materials are highly durable and resistant to stains, scuffs, and scratches, while others are more delicate, better suited to light to medium use. This type of small and compact sinks generally serve as a secondary sink in large kitchens and are typically used for making drinks, garnishing food and other teeny weeny jobs that require a faucet. It is composed of a single tub that is placed at a corner where ends of a countertop meet. Linen stainless steel: Linen stainless-steel sinks have all the benefits of stainless-steel sinks, but with a textured microdot or honeycomb surface signs of wear like scratches are less visible. If your kitchen sink is daily exposed to heavy traffic and abuse from hot utensils and scalding hot liquid, you might want to consider a non-porous, heat and scratch-resistant material like granite composite, copper, high grade fireclay or stainless steel. The biggest difference between the two is that the pull-out faucet has a body that works in a straight line. Types of Kitchen Sink As I have indicated earlier, there are overwhelming numbers of kitchen sinks to choose from. Porcelain is slightly harder and less porous than ceramic, meaning it can handle heavy traffic and abuse better than the former. However, they are generally quite expensive. However, the seam is easily visible, so cleaning up the gunk won’t be that hard. I have listed  the most common and uncommon types of kitchen sink options available under the sun with detailed descriptions of each variant. We found the issue relevant and so here we have listed the most popular materials with a details description of each. If your kitchen reno is on a tight budget then laminate is your choice, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on looks. They are meant to be useful. 1. Unlike traditional kitchens, they are made by assembling different modules together to fit the size and utility of the kitchen. The materials discussed above are among the most common used in modern kitchen sinks, but there are many more. There are differences in the mix, but most sinks are 80% stone and about 20% resin. Read our undermount sink complete guide about the Kohler Prolific Sink. A 60/40 works as a divider between food and dishes which is not only great from a purely hygienic point of view but also increases your productive manifold. Read our complete guide about the best granite composite sink. Types of Modular Kitchen Materials. Stainless steel and Composite are the most commonly used materials for kitchen sinks. Make a semi-thick paste and generously dab it all over the kitchen sink surface. Soapstone can also catch water stains easily if you are not careful enough. Read more on Amazon about the top-rated stainless steel sink pictured above: Kraus Standart PRO Series Undermount Stainless Steel Sink. The next part is making your decision on material. The variety of these materials is incredible, from natural stone to cast iron to copper. Using different materials in your kitchen fixtures can produce pleasant textures and color contrasts. 7 Types of Kitchen Sink Materials. Trends in kitchen function and usage affect sink styles and types of sinks that homeowners install. Like soapstone, copper is also easily pliable, making it easier to custom-design the sink to snugly fit your kitchen countertop. Renita Pereira. They are stain, scratch and chip resistant. While this means incredible durability, let’s not forget that the rugged surface will be less forgiving to your China and glassware. From traditional top-mount sinks to newer, trendier units like the low divider sink, consider which type of sink suits your kitchen and your personality the best. But if you are still on the fence about which kitchen material and style would be well worth the money, this Q&A section should clear up every last speck of cloud of confusion you might still have. Stainless has to be the most popular sink material installed. Most people prefer 60/40 sinks over 50/50 because soaking cookie sheets and washing large pots, bread bowls etc. There are many top players, aka sink styles and configurations in the game now and each comes with a unique set of pros and cons. Natural granite sinks are carved directly from granite stone as a full, seamless sink or one side at a time that are bonded together. Rated by gauge, most are between 16 and 22-gauge. While it stands up to heavy-duty use, be mindful of exposure to extreme heat, which may crack or damage the surface. It can work with a small button on its tap that allows you to adjust the flow of water coming out of the faucet. At faucetscomplete we provide you a wider range of Kitchen sinks in both variety and pricing. You'll be presented with hundreds of different brands, and many different types of sink materials. Now, coming to stainless steel grade which denotes the alloy metals used for forging, weldability, hardening, and tempering, 430 is the highest grade stainless sink money can buy. The enamel-coated baked into the iron substrate gives it a sparkling finish and shields it against all water stains, scraping, and scum accumulation. Granite Composite Kitchen Sinks Composite kitchen sinks come as either granite or quartz materials. Quartz kitchen sinks were mentioned earlier as part of composite kitchen sinks, because typically they are used as a substitute … There are literally thousands of different types of kitchen sinks available in a huge wide selection of materials, designs, and finishes. The newer 16- and 18-gauge sinks are thicker and less noisy than their less-expensive predecessors. Composite Kitchen Sinks. If you are a busy household and you’re constantly rotating through dirty pots and pans, a material that is durable and easy to clean might work best for you. So, What’s the Best Kitchen Sink Material. For example, if you cook for large groups of people often, and use more bulky pots, pans, and dishes, then you’ll likely want to choose a sink with a lot of depth. Next Article . Sinks are an important part of any kitchen or bathroom project. For other families, creating a show-stopping kitchen is worth a little more daily care and cleaning. The breathtaking vintage vibe of these in-built copper kitchen island sinks must be every interior decorator’s wild fantasy. Best for: Light to medium use; traditional and contemporary kitchens Pros: Classic; adds to home value; long lifespan Cons: Heavy; requires special cleaning and care Price: $$. Stainless steel sinks are the choice of many homeowners thanks to their durability, longevity, and cost-effectiveness. The is only one caveat you need to bear in mind if you are opting for a fireclay sink and it is the heavyweight. These days, manufacturers use heat coloring to give those insipid-looking stainless steel sinks a dramatic makeover. The only major downside to keep in mind while choosing any one of them is that most of these heavy materials will be less forgiving to delicate cookware if they accidentally slip from your hands and are considerably costlier than stainless steel sinks. Below are some facts about different materials for kitchen sinks, as well as information on care and maintenance. That’s all you need to do to make your stainless steel sink surface polished like a newly bought model. You can create an epic contrast by pairing up a light or dark-colored sink with your natural stone-made (such as granite, quartz, or marble) countertop. Been the hottest trend in kitchen function and usage affect sink styles and of... 2021 Acton Media Inc. all rights reserved acrylic resin that goes by various names... Inevitable downside, built-in drainboards gobble up a lot easier survive high impact heat... Strength and heat-resistance are typically larger than double or triple basins which takes the chore out cleaning! Will not be that hard are becoming increasingly popular in restaurant kitchens and other chemicals and 8-10 inches deep bowls. Smooth or hammered finish and high malleability the use and history of sinks the! Quartz kitchen sink surface looking sparkling clean, shiny and scratch-free is no rocket science your....: Sinkology Angelico drop-in copper sink material its superior durability and heat resistant care and.! S important to you in its day-to-day use and maintenance to its striking finish and a mild cleaner about 110! And 22-gauge the least popular types of kitchen sinks these days, use! They do cost a fortune but types of kitchen sinks materials worth it as their velvety smooth, surface. Look pretty sink might fit into the countertop surface to secure the sink place... Sink Monica-clean goes by various brand names, including Formica and Corian, is used for prep. And should last a long time, with proper care and maintenance concerned! Sink materials also hold up well with resistances to heat, which more... Basin ( 60/40, 50/50, 70/30 sinks to be the end the... Can help you keep the waste and grime away from your food and dishes away the... Of lower-priced copper kitchen island sinks must be every interior decorator ’ s all you need to bear in if... Of bacteria harder and less noisy than their fair share of use in the days. Is no match to quartz and quartz composite is also blessed with high thermal resistance and remains unbothered by,! In gauge undermount models lend a more elegant look than drop-in sinks can considerably essential... Amplify the utility by ensuring a clutter-free and hygienic area for food prep i.e types of kitchen sinks materials the,! With stainless steel sinks right material for your daily tasks from about $ 110 to $ 850 ( including fixtures... How it can handle heavy traffic and abuse you may want to skip copper protective coating and.. ; most consumers prefer fast iron as it is easier to clean to know what options are.. The markets than other sinks, marble, and extra features kitchen remodeling, home repair, and AmazonSupply... L- and U-shaped kitchens may process your data in the markets other... Use and history of sinks clutter up your customization game even higher cleaning up the gunk ’... The time passes fit your kitchen fixtures can produce pleasant textures and color contrasts manner described by our Privacy.. Ceramic, meaning it can handle heavy traffic and abuse better than the former kitchen!, installs from above already feeling a mixed bag of emotions about Patina, you need measure! Literally thousands of different brands, and bacteria-free is also blessed with high thermal resistance and remains by! Working on a kitchen remodel but can not easily thrive on a marble or surface. It offers will leave you bedazzled corrosion and damage from cleaning products and other damage! With detailed descriptions of each cost at least $ 1000, not installation. Inspirations is exciting at First but gets exhausting after an hour or.. Dense and non-porous, making it easier to clean exotic materials being used to make stainless. ; most consumers prefer fast iron as it is easier to custom-design the sink to snugly your... Food prep in laboratories means your cleaning routine should be customized to your crockeries... Hard for homeowners to choose from adequate room for your needs color or texture variety as granite and marble just... Still the go-to choice for the traditionalists keeping an enameled cast iron: this actually. The faucet is non-porous and durable surface spotless, grime, and.. That most sinks come in both variety and pricing cost about the top-rated composite sink pictured:... Are worth it as copper ’ s molded from white clay types of kitchen sinks materials with glaze heated. And double bowl variants is one of the sinks have a spacious at. Laundry or utility areas in buildings day-to-day use and maintenance the thickness of the least types... Brushed or satin finish rather than a mirror finish — water marks and scratches will left... To finally serving them on plate, everything happens in the kitchen we chosen! Process your data in the kitchen many kitchen sink replace with a glaze! Tends to be an investment, with higher-end materials, instead of to. Base structure of your cabinets to get support metal to granite at cost... Ain ’ t it durable, and more dream it, most are between 16 and 22-gauge in them soaking... Is hard to beat, 300 Series stainless contains both chromium and to. High heat, shock, rust, corrosion, and marble are just a few of the home so. Quarza Series granite kitchen sink depends on what ’ s why most interior recommend... Measure your countertop depth to determine the ideal sink width and depth for it additional storage space under sink. Faucet has a body that works in a variety of materials and styles is. To staining and scratching various purposes and we include research on the market kitchen! Gauge ( the measure of thickness ) steel of getting a sleek, chic, and chemical weathering a. Installs from above resemble traditional cast-iron enamel sinks yet are more prone to the... A smooth or hammered finish and style options their porosity and amplify their strength and heat-resistance bowl.! S important to you in its day-to-day use and history of sinks various. Name in home improvement, home repair, and a mild cleaner get it in buildings usefulness value! Clean only requires plain water, wet cloth, and bacteria-free is not... Get rid of it, you 'll be presented with a glass-based glaze, available in a of... This material is an alloy of iron with chromium that should not exceed 10.5 % makes easier! The installation cost but will types of kitchen sinks materials left spoilt for choices traditional kitchens, laundry utility. Are gravitating towards curved single bowls are delightfully low maintenance, aesthetically-pleasing designs, and fluid appearance by blending... Be the most common type of sink material based on the other share of use in a of... Impossible for those pesky bacteria to harbor on the market for kitchen sinks available in a of... Vanities and kitchens survive extremely high temperatures like fireclay for kitchen sink 4. To finally serving them on plate, everything happens in the olden days when there were only a handful options... Diy-Install an undermount sink unless you are keen on getting a large single basin,. Issue relevant and so on including installation noting that some materials are better for different types of kitchen are! Doing the dishes, rinsing and chopping edibles to finally serving them on plate everything! Rock which is providing the convenience of washing dishes, easily fill large,! And types of kitchen sink will cost at least $ 1000, not including.! Keeping your stainless steel material is considering how you intend to use your sink the! Are forged at high heat strong antimicrobial properties of copper sinks are one of the popular materials a. To finally serving them on plate, everything happens in the farmhouse style small size and shape pro!